3 Tricks to Enrich Your Innovation Skills

Anyone who seeks to be the best at what they do craves innovation. They want to conceive of a brand-new idea that will revolutionize their industry. It sounds wonderful, but it’s difficult because innovation, by its nature, has no recipe or road map. That said, there are skills you can sharpen to feed an innovative mindset.

Be Open, Flexible, and Ready to Change

The heart of innovation is change. Innovation can only occur when the status quo is challenged, and that only happens when innovators ask if something could be done better if done differently. So, to adopt an innovative mindset, you must train yourself to constantly consider what around you can be changed.

This requires two main approaches. First, you must embrace that change, while chaotic, is a good thing. This is very hard for many people to do; human nature likes things to stay the same. But if you can come at challenges in your company with an open mind and “what if” philosophy the ideas will come.

The second key component of this mindset is that you must commit to supporting an idea. People have great ideas about how to improve things every day. Truly innovative ideas, ones that are original and have never been tried, are rarer. They are also fragile. Without a commitment to support an idea by developing it, testing it, challenging it and tweaking it, it will die. Any great innovator will tell you that once they knew they had a great idea, they relentlessly and passionately dedicated themselves to making it a reality.

Don’t Settle for Mediocrity

Since innovation relies on relentless determination, stopping halfway through the development of a product or process and saying, “this is good enough” simply won’t do. You must challenge it to become the best possible version, and you also must ask others to help you by objectively doing so as well.

Surround Yourself with Diverse Innovators and Build a Community

Great companies are built on great communities working together to become better than the sum of their parts. Innovation starts with the spark from an idea from one person but rarely is it accomplished by an individual alone. Seek out smart, creative coworkers, partners or investors. Don’t be afraid of sharing your idea. They will help it grow.

Create a mindset that is fearless of change and always challenging. Push for the best result and work with the best people. Great ideas will come, and you can make them become a reality.


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