6 Expenses Small Businesses Need to Spend Money On

Some expenses are more obviously important than others for a small business. You need to pay rent, energy costs, and payroll, for instance. There are other expenses that are less obvious but still just as important such as marketing, insurance, and legal advice.


When you hire a professional to design your brand you are investing in the future of your business and in keeping your customers’ attention. This includes your logo, your website, and even your packaging. Your logo will be the thing that can attract the attention of your customers, stick in their head from the advertisements and tell them everything they need to know about your brand.


The right marketing is essential for the success of businesses large and small, so it is a good idea to really invest in someone with professional experience. If you have marketing experience yourself, it is still a good idea to invest in the right plan.

Legal Advice

The right legal advice is critical for a small business, from before the business plan is pitched to investors to after the doors have shut for good. An attorney can help you avoid lawsuits, get you the best settlements possible and even go to bat for you when the competition gets dirty. Even if your business is not big enough to have an attorney on retainer, getting advice every now and then from a trusted firm can go a long way.


Investing in technology means that you have a phone plan for your business that encompasses all the needs you have both at your storefront and on the go. It also means that your point-of-sale system is streamlined and modern and your website is kept up to date.


Hiring an accountant or contracting with a firm can help you streamline your books and eliminate waste. This can also help you keep on top of your taxes and payments without having to take time away from other duties.


Investing in insurance is one of the best things you can do as you grow your company. The right insurance can help cover the losses from natural disasters or from man-made ones as well as from theft or personal injury.

Small business owners would do well to invest as much as they can in key areas. This can help keep the company growing and improving long enough to become a big business and keep customers coming back for more. This includes things like the right design and technology as well as the legalities such as insurance, accounting, and legal advice.


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