How To Make Your Online Business Appear Bigger

A reputation is important for any business. Online startups are no different. Established companies are more likely to attract new customers since they’re typically perceived as more experienced, trustworthy and knowledgeable. The trick is knowing how to convince potential customers that your online business is one of a kind.

Invest in Brand Recognition

Step one is to make sure customers know who you are. The more your company name shows up around the web, the more convinced people are that you’re a force to be reckoned with. If you want to position yourself as an industry professional, you need to create high-quality web content and blogs, and you need to make sure they always highlight your brand. Invest money designing a memorable and attractive logo, solid brand identity and great marketing tools such as infographics for your web pages.

Don’t discount the importance of old-school branding materials as well. Contact cards, signs, banners, brochures and promotional materials such as T-shirts can all go a long way towards turning your brand into a household name.

Rent a Virtual Office

There’s nothing wrong with running an e-commerce business from home. However, you don’t want customers to know you’re running things from home. To make your online business appear larger, it’s helpful to have a real mailing address and phone number. There are suites in the largest cities in the U.S. that rent out virtual space – and sometimes offer to answer and mailing services — for a monthly fee. Having a New York or Chicago address does a lot to impress site visitors.

Make Sure Your Website and Email Address Enhance Your Brand

There are a lot of free places online to set up a website, but leaving your address with a reference to another company is a big mistake. It’s worth it to pay for your very own website with your unique company name. The same thing goes for your personal email address; if possible, have it assigned to your website, not a generic free mail site.

Pay Attention To Social Media

Taking the time to build a strong social media following has a great effect on smaller online businesses. By interacting with your customers, you show them exactly what makes you so great. Pay attention to three main factors when it comes to social media growth: total site visitors, total followers and your post frequency. You want to have as many potential customers following you as possible, and you need to stay active to do that.

Whether you decide to handle marketing yourself or work with another company, spending money on your online business is worth it. An attractive website with great content makes a great first impression.


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