Reach Your Potential

Don’t let the lack of funds to purchase presold goods hold your company back. With purchase order financing from Sound Commercial Capital, you can buy the finished goods your business needs to satisfy customer demands. Whether you are a wholesaler, producer, distributor, or reseller, we can offer you financing that gives you the money to grow.

Startup or Established, We Can Help

Startups often struggle to get access to capital and even well-established companies can experience poor cash flow. Whatever the reason, we at Sound Commercial Capital can provide financing for work in progress as well as letters of credit for import, export, and domestic trade. The benefits of purchase order financing include the following:

  • Increase your ability to fill larger customer orders, thereby boosting profits
  • Make customer deliveries on time
  • Expand your market share into new territory or products
  • Grow without additional equity sacrifices or bank debt
  • Access to quick and flexible funding sources

Approval for this financing is primarily based upon your history with your customers and suppliers and their creditworthiness. Therefore this is a great option for new businesses who are still getting established in the market.

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