Is an SBA Loan Ideal for Your Business?

A small business loan is a flexible avenue of financing that can be used in a variety of ways to enrich your company. Because we have the approval of the Small Business Administration, Sound Commercial Capital offers this type of financing for generous terms to companies in every industry. Our small business loans provide you with flexible financing and working capital so you can grow your company successfully.

Benefits for Startups

Because small business loans can be used in any way, they are ideal for helping startups get off the ground. Whether you choose to use the money you receive to purchase property or obtain equipment to help your company reach its full potential, you stand to earn up to $5 million. Depending on whether you choose a 7a or 504 program, you will receive either fixed or variable rates with full amortization and 25-year term.

Benefits for Existing Businesses

If you own an existing business with a good credit history, you may qualify for financing of up to 80% with 15-year terms. We offer full amortization with no prepayment penalties. Our loans provide you with the cash you need to purchase and renovate property, refinance or consolidate debt as needed. We work with nearly any property type and allow you to finance any type of equipment, including the ones listed below.

  • Dry-cleaning equipment
  • Computers and software
  • Heavy machinery
  • Medical equipment
  • Diagnostic equipment
  • Machine tools

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A small business loan is a wonderful financing solution that helps companies grow. Because the money you receive can be used in any way, it is a flexible avenue of funding that works for any type of business. If you are interested in obtaining an SBA loan with competitive rates and generous terms, contact Sound Commercial Capital today. We can get you prequalified in as little as 48 hours and get you the cash you need quickly.